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  • Sam W.

    - by admin

    “Working with Chitra and Seamless Talent has been my great pleasure.  She is not only very responsive throughout the whole…

  • Trista L.

    - by admin

    “Chitra is great to work with. She reached out to me and helped me get a job that was an…

  • Benny W.

    - by admin

    “Chitra has the highest professional standards, which were extremely important for my career. She not only informed me completely of…

  • Qian L.

    - by admin

    “My experience working with Chitra at Seamless Talent was amazing. The amount of professionalism and effort she put in my…

  • April W.

    - by admin

    “My experience with Seamless Talent was nothing short of stellar from the moment I was first contacted by Chitra. She…